Make your life easier, one recipe at a time

Cooking can be exhausting, but it doesn't have to be! Bitetap's recipe maker, meal planner and digital cookbook help you get organized — all in one place.

Start building your library today for free with 0+ community recipes 😋

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Recipe maker

Never lose a recipe again.

Add the recipes you want to keep. Build your digital library with imported and community recipes alongside your own creations.

Share them with friends and family.

Make recipes public or private

Save as draft to finish later

Save community recipes

Recipe collections (coming soon)


Get a custom mealplan in seconds.

Generate and preview your next mealplan from your library's recipes.

Not satisfied with the one you get? Simply edit the mealplan to fit your needs or re-generate.

Plan with a diet or allergens

Remove days you are not home

Templates and collaboration (coming soon)

Recipes without the clutter.

Recipe pages on Bitetap provide a clear overview and extra features compared to elsewhere.

Screen stays on for hands-free cooking (not supported in Firefox & Safari)

Ingredients & instructions works as checklists

Automatically scale recipes to more persons

Add private notes to recipes (with account)

See how the latest recipes look and feel in Bitetap

Join the Beta today

Help shape the product and get influence on upcoming features like collections, collaborative mealplans and more!

Start building your library today for free with 0+ community recipes 😋

Hey! 👋

The founder, Mikkel Bengtsen

I'm Mikkel — a danish student and the solo founder of Bitetap.

I created Bitetap, because I never want another weeknight stressing over what's for dinner. I'm not great at cooking, but wanted an organized space for my simple and modified recipes with features aimed at improving planning and the cooking experience as a whole.

If you want your own digital cookbook for your recipes and mealplans and want to join a community, where we can learn from eachother and discover new recipes, then this tool was made for you.

While in Beta Bitetap will be free, but I want the project to be sustainable long-term and avoid showing ads. As such I will charge a small paid subscription in the future. I hope you understand and will support an independent maker 😊