What's New 🎉

A list of Bitetap product updates and roadmap


Currently working on blog posts, guides and collections.

Features on roadmap:

  • Collections
  • Collaborative mealplans
  • Mealplan templates
  • Pantry
  • Cooking mode
  • Profiles, customization and ratings

If you have any feedback or feature requests, I'd love to hear your ideas. Get in touch: mikkelbengtsen@bitetap.com

Optimization update

1 day ago

  • Many performance optimizations for a faster app experience!
  • Security improvements
  • More UX improvements

Sign in with Google

22 days ago

  • You can now sign in with Google!
  • Tiny onboarding & UX improvements

Beta update 4

1 month ago


Marketing site

  • Added a blog where I'm gonna try to post Bitetap guides, cooking tips and more.
  • Added this updates/roadmap page, where you can stay up to date with the latest changes and my current feature roadmap.
  • Improved landing page.


  • Changed the library page to have one combined recipes tab.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.

Beta update 3

2 months ago


Added importing recipes

  • Clicking new in navigation now opens a modified pop-up modal, where you can choose to either create a recipe from scratch or import one.
  • Imported recipes work just like any other recipe, except the full recipe (ingredients & instructions) are hidden to prevent recipe piracy.

Added recipe notes

  • Add private notes to any recipe.


  • Recipe ingredient & instruction lists can now be crossed off to keep track of ingredients bought/prepared & instruction reached.


  • When cooking and on recipe pages the screen no longer dim and turn off (not supported in Firefox, IE & Safari)
  • A bunch of tiny usability improvements & bug fixes

Beta update 2

3 months ago


Drag and drop

  • Adding recipe ingredients and instructions have been streamlined with drag and drop functionality.
  • You can now add dividers to the ingredient list, to section and group similar ingredients.


  • You no longer have to finish creating a recipe in one go. At any time click 'Finish later' to save the recipe in your library as a draft.
  • Drafts are private and you can edit, finish or delete them at any time. They can be found under a new 'Drafts' tab on the library page.


  • You can now report recipes for inappropriate content, if necessary.

Small re-design of library page

  • The library page now splits recipes up into 3 tabs: Public recipes, private recipes and drafts.


  • Added 'save/remove' text next to bookmark icon on recipe pages and re-designed animation.
  • Minor design improvements

Beta update 1

4 months ago


Improved library show filter

  • It now shows all recipes by default and can be toggled to show only created or saved recipes.

Recipes can now be either public or private

  • Private recipes can only be accessed by you and users who have previously saved the recipe. It will not show up in feeds and others search.


  • Added status filter to library. It filters between any, public or private recipes.
  • Reduced mealplanner needing min. 10 recipes to unlock to 7 recipes.
  • Added offline support
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Bug fixes