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The founder, Mikkel Bengtsen

Mikkel Bengtsen


Oct. 10, 2021

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Food is awesome, but I've never been particularly good at cooking. Struggling with planning what to eat, I would often stress over what's for dinner. All of this combined made cooking an exhausting experience, which it is for many.

The thing is, it doesn't have to be. With the right tools, cooking is fun. There is no better feeling than eating a delicious healthy home-cooked meal.

Maybe you have everything settled when it comes to cooking, but how many times have you frantically searched the web or your home, for that one recipe you enjoy, but forgot to save?

Then when you find it you realize you are missing an ingredient and didn't write down what you usually replace it with. I know something like this has happened to me more than once.

You probably also naturally experiment with recipes like I do in one way or another. We want what we cook to better suit our tastes. We are the ones who are going to eat it after all.

It would be nice to remember these changes and save them all in one place. To have them accessible from anywhere, anytime.

With extra features like having my phone screen stay on when I cook, to not have to keep tapping the phone with greasy fingers. To be able to quickly plan meals ahead for the week, maybe with a specific diet or allergens and with recipes I choose or made.

You don't need to be a professional to change recipes into your own thing. You probably already swap out an ingredient here and there.

Even if you don't wouldn't it be nice to have a single place for all the recipes you find, in a digital environment that was specifically designed to improve the cooking and planning experience?

This is how Bitetap came to be.

The digital cookbook for your recipes and mealplans.

Bitetap's vision is to solve these problems through an accessible and mobile-friendly online tool. Your own organized space for your recipes and personalized mealplans with features aimed at improving the overall experience of cooking at home.

On this blog I will try to share the journey, useful cooking tips I learn, recipe and mealplan inspiration and guides on how to get the most out of Bitetap.

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